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What is it ?
MR_hairSystem is a package which contains a set of shaders to allow Maya users to render Maya Hair Systems in mental ray for Maya.
02- What types of shaders does it include ?
It includes a geometry shader, a material shader and utility shaders.
03- Does it render Maya Hair Systems exactly as the viewports display them ?
Yes. Either, Maya Hair Systems guides (NURBS curves) or clumps (pfxHair) are exactly represented in mental ray for Maya. Have a look at the gallery area.
04- Does it support all the mental ray for Maya rendering features ?
Yes. You can take advantage of any of the mental ray for Maya features like Raytracing, FG, GI, Caustics, Motion Blur, etc.
05- Can I use any custom shader with it ?
Yes. Any mental ray for Maya shader can be used as well to shade the hairs.
06- Does it support IPR ?
Yes. Any Maya Hair System can rendered in mental ray for Maya with IPR.
07- Does it support motion blur ?
Yes. MR_hairSystem geometry shader supports true motion blur.
08- Does it support the mental ray standalone ?
Yes. The new package allows to export the geometry to the mental ray standalone as well as to render in mental ray for Maya.
09- What Maya version does it support ?
MR_hairSystem is available for Maya 6.5 and 7.0 only.
10- What Operating Systems does it support ?
MR_hairSystem is available for WIN32 (Windows 2000/XP), LINUX (Red Hat 9.0 - x86) and Mac (OSX 10.3/10.4)
11- Is there a TRIAL version available for downloading ?
Yes. There is a 7-DAY TRIAL version of MR_hairSystem available for downloading. Have a look at the download area.
12- How much it cost ?
MR_hairSystem price is USD 195.- per node-locked License. Plus Tax/VAT if applicable.
Includes Shaders for mental ray for Maya 6.5 and 7.0 as well as 60-day e-support.
13- How can I purchase it ?
Have a look at the purchase area. You will find there purchasing information.
14- I need more info. Where can I find it ?
MR_hairSystem documentation (PDF format) is available at the download area.
Also you can e-mail us: products@provide3d.com.