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What is it ?
polyData is a shading node Plug-In for Maya that renders true Polygons wireframe.
02- What types of geometry does it support ?
polyData supports Polygons surfaces only.
Have a look at gallery area.
03- Does it support constant thickness rendering ?
Yes. polyData renders everything with constant thickness accross surfaces independently of geometry and camera positions; wireframe and components thicknesses are set in pixel units.
04- Is its rendering fast ?
Yes. polyData was developed to render surface wireframe faster; its unique raster algorithms allows the user to view results very quickly.
05- Does it support wireframe shadow casting ?
No. polyData does not support wireframe shadow casting.
06- Does it support glow effects ?
Yes. polyData supports glow effects.
07- Does it support reflexions/refractions ?
No. polyData does not support reflexions/refractions.
08- Does it support IPR ?
Yes. polyData support Maya's IPR.
09- Does it support multiple surfaces ?
Yes. A single polyData node is capable of handling multiple surfaces.
10- Does it support motion blur ?
Yes. polyData supports 2D motion blur.
11- What Maya version does it support ?
polyData Plug-In is available for Maya 6.5 and 7.0 only.
12- Does it support Maya's mental ray Renderer ?
No. polyData supports Maya's native Software Renderer only.
13- What's the difference between nurbsData and polyData Plug-Ins ?
nurbsData supports NURBS only and it renders TRUE NURBS wireframe.
polyData supports Polygons only and it renders TRUE Polygons wireframe.
14- What Operating Systems does it support ?
polyData Plug-In is available for WIN32 (Windows 2000/XP), LINUX (Red Hat 9.0 - x86) and Mac (OSX 10.3/10.4)
15- Is there a TRIAL version available for downloading ?
Yes. There is a 7-DAY TRIAL version of polyData available for downloading.
Have a look at download area.
16- How much it cost ?
polyData price is USD 195.- per node-locked License. Plus Tax/VAT if applicable.
Includes Plug-Ins for Maya 6.5 and 7.0 as well as 60-day e-support.
17- How can I purchase it ?
Have a look at purchase area. You will find there purchasing information.
18- I need more info. Where can I find it ?
polyData documentation (PDF format) is available at download area.
Also you can e-mail us: products@provide3d.com.